Nafferton Park Farm Ltd

The New Home Of Western Riding

We are no longer just a livery yard but now provide riding lessons based on the principles of Western Riding and Natural Horsemanship. Nafferton Park Farm Ltd riding lessons are all about enjoyment and trying something new or just different. It’s up to you what you want to achieve : a leisurely ride or Western competitive stardom!

We offer Western lessons either on your own horse or on one of our trained western horses. The principles of Western riding can be applied to any horse, whatever their size or breed. Western saddles are not even compulsory for your own horse; English tack will work just as well since the lessons are simply about good horsemanship and learning to ride in partnership with your horse to achieve the best results for both horse and rider.

If you are a more experienced rider, come along and try a lesson on one of our pure-bred, trained Quarter horses. More advanced skills and disciplines within the world of western riding are available once you are comfortable with the basics on either your own or our horses.

All first lessons begin with a quick assessment to ensure that you have an enjoyable learning experience from the very start. Lessons are by appointment.
Please call Jo on 0771 967 0321 to make a booking.

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